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How Much Did IPv6 Use Go Up on IPv6 Day?

World IPv6 Day served to raise IPv6 usage in a measurable way. One company that has a unique view into how IPv6 Day impacted IPv6 use is VeriSign. VeriSign sits at the heart of the Internet, managing root DNS servers as well as .com infrastructure.

"At peak we saw about a 50 percent increase in DNS query volume on IPv6," Leach said.

Average query volume was up by 16 percent, according to VeriSign.The DNS query volume that VeriSign measured isn't just for web servers but could also reflect IPv6 DNS queries to email or VoIP servers as well.

Putting that into perspective, VeriSign in 2011 is seeing around 57 billion DNS queries on average per day. Even with the increase on World IPv6 Day, IPv6 query volume was still below 1 percent of all traffic.

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