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SafariDog Unleashes New Streaming Delivery System

SafariDog Inc. Tuesday rolled out an application geared to trim server and cost requirements for companies and consumers who covet streaming television and radio.

The company's Hybrid Media Delivery System detects users' connection speeds; if a consumer is using broadband, Hybrid smartly adjusts to that, eliminating streaming media nodes.

For dial-up users, a traditional streaming media server is engaged. With broadband consumers, SafariDog delivers content using real-time bulk file transfer, transferring material faster than traditional streaming. This cost-effective resource reduces reliance on costly streaming media servers. Based exclusively on the Windows Media Player platform, Hybrid is an attempt to eliminate buffering and network congestion.

"The SafariDog Hybrid Media Delivery System uniquely solves core streaming media industry problems," said York Baur, VP of sales and marketing for SafariDog. "We offer a high quality consumer experience, dramatically reduced media delivery costs, and individually targeted content and advertising for both radio and TV."

SafariDog is supported by technology partners, including Microsoft and Akamai Technologies. The outfit also has content affiliates that include Alta Vista, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.com, Buy.com, Google, eBay, Terra Lycos, Yahoo.