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Huawei Goes Big with New Enterprise Switch

In an interview with Enterprise Networking Planet, Jane Li, Chief Operating Officer, Huawei Enterprise USA, explained that her group only got started in the U.S in 2011. Its focus has always been the U.S. market and for the last two years she has been focussed on making sure that Huawei knows was enterprises in the U.S. need and want.

One of the things that Americans apparently want is big iron in the form of a massive new cloud enabled switch. To that end, Huawei is debuting its new CE12816 CloudEngine switch which can scale up to 64 Tbps of bandwidth.

All that bandwidth is delivered via a modular platform with support for 1, 10, 40 and 100 GbE connectivity. The CE12816 can support up to 192 x 100GE, 384 x 40GbE, or 1536 x 10GbE line-speed ports. At the operating system level the CE12816 runs Huawei's VRP (Versatile Routing Platform), which is a Linux based system.

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