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IPv6 Not Being Targetted at U.S Enterprises by Internet Society

Yesterday was World IPv6 Launch Day and thousands of sites around the world are turning on IPv6 and leaving it on in an event intended to help accelerate the adoption of IPv6.

While the Internet Society has made great progress this year in getting carriers and big websites to adopt IPv6, the same cannot be said when it comes to U.S based enterprises.

"We've never considered enterprises to be on path for early adoption of IPv6," Phil Roberts, technology program manager at the Internet Society told InternetNews.com. "We've never thought that businesses would be on the leading edge for IPv6 deployment."

But, as more websites and content become available over IPv6, he expects that at some point enterprise will move, as well. "As IPv6 gets rolling, it will become clear that there are business to business activities that can be done over IPv6 and enterprise will start to go that way," Roberts said.

Geography will likely play a role as IPv6 is being adopted more rapidly in the parts of the world including the Asia-Pacific region. As U.S. based enterprises need to interact with companies in those regions, IPv6 will eventually become a necessity.

"I see enterprise adoption of IPv6 coming along as part of the technology snowball," Roberts said.

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