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Mark Shuttleworth Upgrades Ubuntu Linux from OpenStack Essex to Folsom in 3 Minutes

Mark Shuttleworth OpenStack

SAN DIEGO.Mark Shuttleworth is a man with vision. He had the vision to create the Ubuntu Linux project and he had the vision to be the first commercial Linux distro to embrace OpenStack fully.

Overall, Shuttleworth is very enthusiastic about OpenStack's development community.

"This is the most awesome community in action in open source today," Shuttleworth said.

For those looking to build on top of OpenStack, he suggests that they stay close to the upstream project. He also recommends users focus on the things that work right now.

The pace of innovation in OpenStack is rapid, and it's not all that hard to upgrade from one verison to the next to gain additional value.

To prove his point about the ease of upgrading, Shuttleworth, always the show-man, did a live demo where he migrated an OpenStack Essex release to the new Folsom release. The upgrade was done on a live production server running live in-service applications. The whole process was completed in just three minutes.

Shuttleworth warned the audience not to listen to the naysayers that claim OpenStack is not ready for production use today. His company is living proof that it is indeed ready.

"We're about making OpenStack in production work for real," Shuttleworth said.

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