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OpenStack Project Quantum Delivers Open Source Cloud Networking

The OpenStack open source cloud platform came out with its Diablo release last week. Among the items included in Diablo is a tech preview of Project Quantum, the new networking project within OpenStack. Quantum offers the promise of expanded networking capabilities within an OpenStack cloud.

"Service providers want to enable their customers to do more advanced networking in the cloud," Dan Wendlandt, Team Lead for Quantum Project at OpenStack told InternetNews.com. "They want to be able to attract workloads from more traditional enterprise data center environments and pull them into the cloud."

Wendlandt explained that networking within OpenStack to date has just been a sub-system of the Nova compute project and has had limited networking capabilities. The ability to have a multi-tiered network, with isolated network segments for database, web and applications is something that Quantum will now enable.

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OpenStack Project Quantum Delivers Open Source Cloud Networking