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Rivebed Debuts Steelhead DX

The Steelhead DX Edition 8000 release is a 2 RU (Rack Unit) box that delivers optimized WAN capacity of 2 Gbps. The DX 8000 can handle up to 10,000 optimized TCP and UDP flows and has a limit of 4,000 Quality of Service (QoS) rules and classes.

"Steelhead DX Edition 8000 series extends the Steelhead product family, purpose-built for higher speed data transfers and replication workloads between data centers," Josh Dobies, group product manager for Steelhead at Riverbed, told Enterprise Networking Planet. "It doesn’t replace CX or EX."

Steelhead EX was first announced in February of 2012 as a WAN optimization platform that includes Riverbed Virtual Services Platform (VSP). Dobies noted that the Steelehad EX delivers converged infrastructure for the branch, enabling consolidation of servers and storage from remote sites into the data center. The Steelhead CX, in contrast, is about accelerating data and applications over distance.

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