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VIDEO: Ben Golub, CEO Docker

The modern world of virtualization has largely been dominated with virtual machine hypervisor technologies like VMware, KVM and Xen, but there are alternatives. Among them is the increasingly popular Docker open-source container technology.

Docker issued the 0.7 release of its namesake technology today, expanding the base of its support to all major Linux distributions. In a video interview with eWEEK, Docker Inc. CEO Ben Golub explains the company's promise and where it's headed.

Docker Inc., formerly known as dotCloud, recently rebranded to the Docker name. Golub joined the company in April, after a successful exit from Gluster Inc., which he sold to Red Hat for $136 million in 2011. The lessons that Golub learned from his experience at Gluster are informing his decision-making and the direction he is taking for Docker.

"What I learned from Gluster is, if you want to be open-source and you want to make a difference, you have to be radically different and present a significantly newer way of doing things," Golub said. "With Docker, what we're really doing is taking a model of building and deploying code that has been broken for a while and replacing it with a radically simple idea to containerize code and make it possible to really build once and ship anywhere."

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