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[VIDEO] Dan Pitt, Exec Director of ONF Defends and Promotes OpenFlow

Over the course of the last year, multiple vendors have emerged with SDN strategies that take aim at OpenFlow's perceived shortcomings. For example, Juniper Networks has said that while it will support OpenFlow, its initial SDN controller plans don't include it. Non-OpenFlow vendors have been pushing a general sentiment that OpenFlow is a forklift upgrade to a network.

Dan Pitt, Executive Director of the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) disagrees.

"I think that all the incumbents have now announced support for OpenFlow," Pitt said. "So they are saying one thing, but look at what they are doing."

Pitt emphasized that the ONF is trying to move networking into a standards-based environment, where users are not locked in by vendors and proprietary protocols.

"OpenFlow is the standard, and it serves user needs," Pitt said. "You'd have to ask the vendors how well it serves their individual needs."

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