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VMware vCloud Hybrid Service Debuts

VMware is looking to extends its mastery of the on-premise IT landscape with the new vCloud Hybrid service.

"The vCloud Hybrid Service is about bridging the gap between lines of business and IT needs in a unique and powerul way," Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware said in a media launch event.

The promise of the vCloud Hybrid Service is to enable VMware's existing 500,000 customers to seamlessly migrate and integrate with the public cloud when needed. Gelsinger referred to the new service as being a tool for business agility.

"Any application, any place, any cloud without any changes," Gelsinger said. "This to us is the magic that made virtualization real in the first place, the fact that I can take an OS or application, wrap it in VMware wrapper and all of a sudden I couldn't tell what server it was running on any longer."

The promise of the vCloud Hybrid Service is now that the application can be delivered from any data center seamlessly, in the same way that virtual applications have long been able to run on any server inside one data center with VMware.

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