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UK Population Rushes to Get Connected

LONDON -- NetValue reports that 1.4 million UK households joined the Net revolution during the past six months...

According to the company's tracking of the UK online population, over 9 million households in the country - 37.2% of all UK households - are now connected to the Internet. It appears that the country's acceptance of the Net has also been experiencing particularly rapid growth over the past year, with NetValue reporting that 26.8% of online households took the step to get connected during the past 12 months. Only 45.6% of Net-enabled households have had an Internet connection for two years or more.

With an estimated 1.41 active users per household, these figures equate to a home Internet population of almost 13 million. This is also a more active surfing population: in March, users connected on average on 10.5 days for a total of 7.4 hours over 24 different sessions compared to 8.7 days in December with 5.8 hours of surfing spread across 19.4 sessions. Last month, Jupiter MMXI released similar figures pointing to a rise in the UK Internet population to 13.5 million during February, the average user spending nearly seven hours online a month.