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Voice over DSL, via Broadview Networks

Convinced the B2B market is ripe for its BroadSpeed Voice-over-DSL (VoDSL), network-based communications firm Broadview Networks on Monday announced the full-scale rollout of the service in the New York metropolitan area.

Broadview Networks, which has headquarters in Long Island City, said the VoDSL service would be marketed to small and medium sized businesses, offering multiple voice lines, fax and high-speed Internet access over existing copper pair wiring.

Monday's rollout follows a controlled introduction of the service to a select number of customers in New York City, the company said. It said the VoDSL service would also be available in the Massachusetts, New Jersey and Pennsylvania markets.

Broadview Networks' chief technology officer Ken Shulman said: "The technology has been tested with real, demanding customers. It's now ready for prime time."

By combining voice and data circuits on one copper wire pair, Broadview plans to bundle its communications services to small-scale businesses, touting the service as cost effective. VoDSL customers can also add and subtract phone lines easily with the bundled service.

Broadview's VoDSL service was built using the CopperCom Gateway, a device for interworking voice over broadband with the public switched telephone network (PSTN), from Florida-based CopperCom; and the NetEngine(TM) 6300 Series integrated access devices by Polycom, headquartered in California.

Broadview, which competes directly with Verizon and other integrated telecommunications companies, sells services that include local, long-distance and international voice services; data services; and dial-up and high-speed Internet services using digital subscriber lines (DSL).

The company's backers include Baker Capital; The CIT Group; The Growth Fund of America, a fund managed by Capital Research and Management Company; Innovative Technology Partners; New Enterprise Associates; and Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association of America.