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Big Data Attracts Big Money

The move towards Big Data and NoSQL is being fuelled by big money, as investors bet on the next big thing in technology.

One of those venture capitalists is Frank Artale, a partner with Ignition Partners and an investor in Apache Hadoop startup Cloudera and NoSQL vendor Couchbase. In an exclusive interview with InternetNews.com, Artale explained that Ignition wanted to have a footprint in cloud and Big Data for a variety of reasons.

In his view, there is the potential for several large multi-billion dollar companies to exist in the Big Data space, which is one of the reasons the firm invested in Cloudera.

"Cloudera to me is one of the seminal companies in the Big Data space," Artale said. "We feel that Cloudera is one of the defining companies and has the opportunity to be the next Oracle."

Artale noted that as business data use is changing, there are going to be some big winners in the space. That said, he warned that while venture funding is flowing into the space now, it will take years to fully develop.

"What is driving this market is the change in the shape of the largest datasets that businesses of all sizes are going to use," Artale said. "In the past, data was rows and columns, things that were akin to spreadsheets, names, addresses and records for sales. Now the shape of the data is so much different."


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Big Data Attracts Big Money