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Nginx Raises $3 Million for Open Source Web Server

The open source NGINX web server is now one of the fastest growing web servers on the Internet. NGINX now holds down an 8.5 percent market share, with just over 43 million sites, according to the most recent Netcraft survey.

NGINX is now moving to the next stage of itS development with a commercial company called Nginx Inc. Nginx announced Tuesday that is has raised $3 million in series A funding. The new funds will help to grow the commercial company as it moves to build out an open core model of commercial technology and services on top of an open source base.

"Despite being somewhat controversial, we think that it's the most valuable approach for open source projects to be open core, in order to provide the commercial features that are really needed," Andrew Alexeev, Nginx co-founder told InternetNews.com. "We're not going to close functionally in the open source project, but rather we will address the items that small companies don't need but the bigger companies do need."

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