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Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

"I've said in the past that IPv6 is a 'broccoli' technology. I still think it is a tech everybody knows it would be good if we ate more of it but nobody wants to eat it without the cheese sauce."

Leslie Daigle CTO of Internet Society talking about World IPv6 Launch Day results (InternetNews)



"If you don't have that visibility into IPv6, you should probably consider explicitly disabling IPv6 on your systems until you can take a very concerted approach to enabling IPv6 in a secure manner."

Danny McPherson, CSO of VeriSign talking about IPv6 security (eSecurityPlanet)

"20/20 is a great news program, but it's a terrible year to get to the cloud."

Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, during his company's Oracle Cloud launch, taking aim at rival SAP. In Ellison's view SAP won't have cloud ready applications until the year 2020. (Datamation)


"There are no more excuses, you have to be able to run IPv6 all the time and anytime cause this won't get turned off."

Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist at Google, commenting on World IPv6 Day Launch (EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet)

"Who do I need to f*ck to get standard font size and panel options, instead of having to wade through this kind of "unsupported and random extensions that look ugly as hell and break randomly" crap?

Linus Torvalds, complaining about GNOME 3 and its Shell user interface (G+)

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