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Say What? Top Five IT Quotes of the Week

"A well kept secret across Cisco for years has been that there is a tremendous amount of security being done in various places in the company."

Christopher Young, SVP security at Cisco (Enterprise Networking Planet)


"Creating a successful open source community isn't a quick or easy effort, but it's one that takes time, investment and a willingness to listen."

Matt Hicks, director of OpenShift Engineering at Red Hat (Datamation)

"We wanted to demonstrate as many bugs as we could."

Brian Gorenc, manager of vulnerability research, Zero Day Initiative, HP DVLabs on this year's Pwn2own browser hacking challenge (eSecurity Planet)

"Legally binding commitments reached in antitrust decisions play a very important role in our enforcement policy because they allow for rapid solutions to competition problems."

Joaquín Almunia, European Commission Vice President in charge of competition policy, commenting on the massive $731 million fine levied against Microsoft for violating browser choice. (Datamation)

"It's not just about building software, shipping it and putting it out there. We have somebody that is every day trying to figure out how to get around us."

Symantec CTO, Steve Trilling (eSecurity Planet)

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