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The Amazon Commandments for Modern IT

Speaking at the Amazon re:invent conference, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels detailed his commandments for modern IT architecture during a keynote session. For the CTO of Amazon, modern IT architecture is about the cloud and not being constrained by physical hardware.

Vogels admitted that he has somewhat of a love/hate relationship with physical hardware servers. He said that he has tried to hug servers to get them to do what he wanted.

"Believe you and me, I've hugged servers enough in my life and they do not hug you back," Vogels said. "They hate you."

The cloud changes the dynamic, though, and instead of being resource constrained, IT can move to a fully programmable model. The commandments that Vogels has for IT involve understanding that IT infrastructure is in fact controllable, resilient, adaptive and data driven.

A core commandment of the new era: Though shalt use new concepts to build new applications.

"While an Amazon EC2 instance might look like a server to you, it is not a server," Vogels said. "It is something you can switch off, it is a software component."

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