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Will You Devour Motorola's Newest Phone?

Google certainly has seeded the market for smartphones with its Android operating system. There seems to be a new one every week. So what makes the latest from Motorola, called Devour, so special? EnterpriseMobileToday finds out.

Motorola Devour
Click on the graphic for a larger view. Source Motorola

Motorola today announced its latest Android phone, the Devour, which will be sold through Verizon Wireless at an as-yet unspecified price. While it's not Verizon's first Android phone, it won't be sold as part of the Droid brand shared by the carrier's two existing models, and perhaps in line with that positioning, the new phone boasts some unique features.

The Devour is scheduled to launch in March. It runs Android 1.6 but is notable because it will be Verizon's first Android phone with the "Motoblur" user interface. Motoblur is a single interface that connects the user to Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, and is currently available on T-Mobile's Motorola Cliq.

One possible reason why the new phone isn't getting the "Droid" brand is it's not as beefy as the slick black phone that makes a loud, throaty announcement when powered on. The only thing the two phones have in common is the Google-backed Android OS and slide-out QWERTY keyboard. After that, the Devour compares more to the lower-end Cliq.

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