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Smartphones to Lead U.S. Mobile Phones in 2011

With their flashy looks, their support for mobile, downloadable applications, and the reams of press that devices like the Apple iPhone have generated, it should come as little surprise that smartphones are poised to overtake their "non-smart" siblings in the U.S. market by next year.

Much of the trend is credited to the booming success of devices like the iPhone, the BlackBerry, and up-and-coming Android devices. EnterpriseMobileToday breaks down the numbers and takes a look at the implications.

Smartphones are rapidly growing in popularity and acceptance and will likely surpass the feature phone -- standard phone handsets with a few extra bells and whistles like basic e-mail and some games -- some time next year.

That's the projection from Nielsen Company, which found that smartphone growth is continuing to accelerate. Smartphones accounted for 21 percent of wireless subscribers at the end of 2009, but 45 percent of people surveyed said their next device will be a smartphone.

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Smartphones to Overtake Feature Phones in U.S. by 2011