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Verizon Finally Rolls Out Android 2.1 Update

Droid users have been rumbling with volcanic discontent for some time now over the repeated delays in the release of Android 2.1 for their phones. It's hard to blame them, since the Google Nexus One has been running Android 2.1 since January. But now, it looks like prayers (and demands) are being answered, and that Verizon is ready to start a staggered rollout over the airwaves. Enterprise Mobile Today has the report.

It appears that Verizon is currently rolling out the eagerly anticipated Android 2.1 update to Motorola Droid handsets, according to a report at Engadget.

If reports citing an internal Verizon memo are true, the staggered, over-the-air Android 2.1 update was slated to start at noon today for 1,000 users.

If all goes well, starting at midnight on Wednesday, 2.1 will be transmitted to 200,000 Droid owners at a time at 24-hour intervals until everyone else gets the new OS version.

The news of the eagerly anticipated update comes one day after the Droid's European sibling, the Milestone, received version 2.1 of Android, and after disgruntled Droid owners began posting negative comments about the delay at Motorola's Facebook page.

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Verizon Starts Droid Android 2.1 Update Rollout