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Dell Readies Android Phone Triplets

PC maker Dell is pressing ahead with a slew of new mobile phones, including three new Android-based designs, according to reports.

The move continues efforts by companies primarily known for their prowess in the PC sector to capitalize on the huge and frenzied demand for smartphones. The Google-backed Android mobile OS in particular continues seeing massive interest from consumers and developers. But does Dell, which has yet to have a serious smartphone play in the U.S., stand a chance in a market dominated by companies like Apple and Research In Motion? Enterprise Mobile Today takes a look.

Dell's first attempt at an Android smartphone never made it out of the gate, according to one analyst, after the phones failed to impress the wireless carriers. But the second time may prove the charm as Dell (NASDAQ: DELL) has some stylish new Android phones in the works.

Now, following up a leak of details related to the "Lightning" Windows 7 smartphone comes word via gadget blog Engadget of three similar Android phones with equally bombastic names: "Thunder," "Flash" and "Smoke."

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