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Google I/O to Showcase Android Advances

All eyes will be on Android this week as Google convenes its annual I/O conference, where the company is expected to highlight a variety of initiatives underway at the company.

Google is widely expected to roll out the next iteration of its open source mobile operating system, dubbed "Froyo." Another of the big announcements expected to come out of the conference is the launch of a "Smart TV" collaboration with Intel. Google could also provide an update on its other operating system, Chrome.

Datamation previews what Google might have in store at the I/O show.

It's shaping up to be a big week for Android, the Google-driven software designed for mobile devices. At its annual Google I/O conference, Google is expected to detail the latest advances and preview where Android is headed, which reportedly will include a "Smart TV" initiative with Intel.

While Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) is best known for its market-leading search engine, the company has cast a wide net of investments in other technologies, all of which are expected to get attention at the sold-out Google I/O. In addition to Android, Google is also at work on another operating system called the Chrome OS, which is targeted at netbooks and similar devices, as well as social media, cloud-based applications and mobile hardware development efforts.

But it's Android that's likely to be the chief focus for a large portion of I/O. Google is expected to show a new version of the Linux-based, open source Android for mobile devices -- Android 2.2, codenamed "Froyo" -- that is significantly faster than the current version 2.1.

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