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Mobile Ads Taking Hold: ABI

So much excitement about the mobile Web is fueled by the advertising potential in the emerging medium. That exuberance has manifested in big acquisitions of large mobile ad firms by Google and Apple.

But does anybody actually click on ads on their mobile devices? Apparently so, according to ABI Research, which found that 27 percent of mobile phone users who have accessed a website have clicked on a text link or banner ad.

That could be good news for mobile marketers, e-Commerce Guide reports.

In the latest indication of the rise in mobile Internet use and the growing potential there for marketers, a new survey finds there's been a jump in how many users click on ads while using their mobile phone.

In its most recent consumer survey, ABI Research said 27 percent of mobile phone users accessing Web site using mobile phones have clicked on a mobile banner ad or text link. A thousand U.S. consumers participated in the survey.

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