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Consumer Reports: Try Duct Tape on Your iPhone

The whole iPhone "death grip" controversy is finally getting to the proof stages, as testers and evaluators are conducting serious lab work to determine if the anecdotal reports of the iPhone 4 losing signal strength when gripped a certain way.

Enterprise Mobile Today reports that Consumer Reports, a well-regarded tester of all things consumer-oriented, has weighed in with its own tests and said you can preserve iPhone 4 signal strength with a little duct tape. So, do you want to trick out your $200 phone with some Kentucky Chrome?

Consumer Reports, the long-running consumer product testing publication of the non-profit Consumers Union, has concluded from its own tests that the iPhone 4 antenna problems are inherent to the hardware, and Apple's planned software update won't fix the problem. Instead, it's got another fix in mind: Duct tape.

One of the major changes in the iPhone 4 design over prior generations is its antenna. Instead of being tucked away inside the case, the stainless steel band that encompasses the phone acts as an antenna. However, Consumer Reports has now become the latest to join a chorus of complaints about the design, blaming it for a flaw that can unexpectedly degrade the phone's wireless signal.

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