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HP's TouchPad Pushes Palm's webOS Forward

How soon before a "Tablets R Us" chain opens? With so many companies scrambling to join the tablet bandwagon it seems like there should be a ready supply of devices.

HP (NYSE: HPQ) is the latest, unveiling the long-anticipated TouchPad tablet based on Palm's webOS operating system. The company showed off the new TouchPad Wednesday at an event in San Francisco, but the device won't be available for several more months and pricing details weren't available.

Will it be worth the wait? It's hard to know, especially with Apple expected to bring out a new version of the iPad well before the TouchPad is available. But the TouchPad does have several compelling features.

The device's 9.7-inch screen makes it about the same size as the iPad, but the webOS-powered device includes a front-facing camera for video calls and built-in support for Adobe's multimedia Flash software.

With the TouchPad's HP Synergy feature, users can sign in to their Facebook, Google, Microsoft Exchange, LinkedIn or Yahoo accounts and have all their contacts, calendar and email automatically populate the TouchPad.

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