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Juniper Focusing on Mobile Security

Employees love their smartphones and corporate IT hates the security headaches they introduce. Juniper's new push into mobile security aims to make smartphones and other mobile devices policy compliant the minute they hit the corporate network.

As enterprises become increasingly mobile, the need for secure remote access on mobile devices also grows more critical. Securing mobile data isn't just about securing devices, though: It's also about ensuring the security of network transport infrastructure. Networking vendor Juniper Networks is now aiming to solve both ends of the mobile security equation and it's already got buy-in from two major mobile carriers, Verizon Wireless and Sprint.

The company's new effort, Juniper Mobile Secure, includes the Junos Pulse downloadable secure connection technology for mobile devices. On the infrastructure side, Juniper is enhancing mobile data security with its SRX service gateways for mobile service providers.

The new mobile security push from Juniper comes as the networking vendor ramps up its wireless efforts with Project Falcon to intelligently route mobile traffic by building a mobile packet core for Juniper's universal edge routers.

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