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U.S. Robotics Enters Fixed Wireless Market

Rolling Meadows, IL-based U.S. Robotics this week introduced a suite of wireless networking products, including its first 802.11b wireless peer-to-peer network.

Designed for home and small office users, the entire suite includes the U.S. Robotics Wireless Access Point, Wireless PC Card and Wireless PCI Adapter.

Wire-free companions
U.S. Robotics' Wireless PCI Adapter or PC Cards can create a peer-to-peer network that allows up to three computers to simultaneously share Internet access, files and printers, if they are attached to PCs on the network. Users can connect without wires at speeds of up to 11Mbps from as far away as 300 feet in an open environment.

"Peer-to-peer networking at this speed has not previously been affordable or available to homes and small offices," said Christine Pomeroy, Vice President of Marketing at U.S. Robotics. "Many people have connected reliably to the Internet for years through a U.S. Robotics modem, and we are pleased to bring that same heritage of connectivity to wireless networking."

For a peer-to-peer network, one of the computers acts as a server and enables wireless connectivity without a standalone Access Point. All networking takes place through antennas built into the PC and PCI Cards. For customers needing to network additional computers, U.S. Robotics offers its Wireless Access Point that can network up to 20 computers.

Target market
"U.S. Robotics' wireless solutions are flexible and affordable enough to equip any multiple computer household or small businesses," said Len Landi, Product Line Manager for U.S. Robotics. "U.S. Robotics will capitalize on its global brand and consumer and small business experience to become a major provider of wireless networking in these markets."

U.S. Robotics' wireless products are interoperable with other 802.11b wireless networking products. This interoperability enables U.S. Robotics Wireless PC Cards, PCI Adapters and Access Points to be integrated into an existing 802.11b network. Thus, users can take their laptop from work with its existing 802.11b wireless PC Card and connect to the U.S. Robotics wireless network they have installed at