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Agere Simplifies WLAN Software

Agere Systems said Tuesday that it is shipping upgraded software that it claims greatly simplifies setting up its ORiNOCO 802.11b wireless local area networks (WLANs).

The company, a spin-off of Lucent Technologies, said the upgraded software enables non-technical home and small office users to set up the network. The software now includes a wizard that walks users through the installation process, the company said. The wizard automatically detects which version of Windows is being used and installs the appropriate software drivers and client manager software.

In addition, users can set up multiple profiles for different locations. That would enable them, for instance, to use the same WLAN-enabled laptop computer in the office and at home.

The company said the software also has increased management capabilities for corporate information technology (IT) managers, such as the ability to remotely configure and manage the residential gateways of telecommuters. It also enables IT managers to remotely diagnose and solve network problems.

The upgrades software is available free from the company's Web site.