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17 Wi-Fi Stocking Stuffers for Your iOS Device

Have an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad? Check out these Wi-Fi apps. They can help you find and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots, transfer or access files via Wi-Fi, communicate over the airwaves, survey your wireless network, or go on a war drive.

Wi-Fi Hotspots

JiWire Wi-Fi Finder

The JiWire Wi-Fi Finder app gives you access to the JiWire public Wi-Fi hotspot directory, the world's largest directory with over 320,000 free and paid locations across 140 countries. You can download the entire directory to your iOS device so you can view it offline, and it will automatically get weekly updates.

It can use your GPS to show you locations nearby on a list or map. You can filter the results based upon the location type, such as café, hotel/resort or bar. Selecting a hotspot's details lets you view the address, phone number with easy calling, directions, and the ability to add to hotspot favorites or share with others.

If you don't find your favorite location, add it to the JiWire database directly from the app.

Boingo Mobile Wi-Fi

This helps you find and connect to Boingo public Wi-Fi hotspots, a network of over 200,000 locations worldwide via thousands of partner Wi-Fi providers, including AT&T and T-Mobile. Though the app is free you must sign up for a Boingo Mobile account for $7.95 per month to access all the locations via your iOS device. Unlimited US access for your laptop runs $9.95 per month or $17.90 for both phone and laptop access.

Boingo Wi-Fi Credits

The Boingo Wi-Fi Credits app enables you to buy and use Wi-Fi credits for the Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot network using your iTunes account. One credit equals one continuous hour of Internet access at Boingo's 200,000+ locations, and the company gives you one credit for free. Once you're at a hotspot, you log in to redeem credits and get online, and possibly purchase more credits.

iPass Global Wi-Fi

This helps you find and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots in the iPass Wi-Fi hotspot network. iPass has over 140,000 locations in 80 countries, including many major airports, Starbucks, McDonald's, and Borders Bookstores. The app provides easy login to their hotspots and gives you the hotspot directory.

Keep in mind; you must already have an existing iPass account to use the app.

Easy WiFi

This helps you find and connect to the Easy WiFi hotspot network of over 300,000 free locations. Plus it can automate the login process to other hotspot providers you have accounts with. Enter the login credentials for each provider once and then it will automatically log you in each time you connect.