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92 Percent of Mobile Malware Targets Android

According to the new 2013 Mobile Threats Report from the Juniper Networks Mobile Threat Center, 92 percent of mobile threats are now targeted at Android. That's up from 47 percent in 2012.

"That's an incredible number and it shows not only where attackers are finding opportunities, it shows where attackers are finding ways to make money, and that's why they are focusing on Android," Michael Callahan, vice president of global security product marketing at Juniper, told eSecurity Planet.

nside that Android malware base, 73 percent of all attacks are from some form of fake installer. In a fake installer attack, the android user goes to a mobile app store that is different than the default Google Play store. Juniper found at least 500 such non-Google Play app stores that were all serving fake installer-based mobile malware.

"The fake installers are dominant because the attackers can make so much money from them," Callahan said.

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