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Symantec Opens Up With DLP 10

Symantec on Tuesday said its Data Loss Prevention 10 release, available in December, will allow enterprise customers to apply encryption and enterprise rights management applications to sensitive content in their networks.

The security software suite takes data loss protection (DLP) and recovery in a little different direction by virtue of a new remediation platform that lets users integrate the core DLP suite with security applications—including key rights management apps—from the likes of GigaTrust, Liquid Machines, Oracle and PGP Corp. "With Version 10, it's not about speed," Robert Hamilton, senior product marketing manager in Symatec's DLP group, told InternetNews.com. "It's about putting tools in the hands of users to significantly reduce their risk. Opening up the DLP platform to other security applications is big part of that."

When it comes to data loss prevention, hackers are typically the least of an enterprise's problem. According to the nonprofit research firm Ponemon Institute, a full 88 percent of data loss in the enterprise occurs when well-meaning insiders accidentally attach or distribute sensitive data.

Moreover, Symantec's own internal survey of 1,000 ex-employees found that 59 percent admitted to taking sensitive data with them when they left a company and intended to use it for competitive advantage at their new job.

Symantec's DLP 10 addresses those real-world concerns with an API, called flex response, that lets customers and their partners create custom remediation actions to files the DLP application has found.

"We generate an awful lot of incident data such is who is using an application or who is managing that person and make a copy of that data," Hamilton said. "That copy can then be exported to other security information management applications, giving customers a single pan of glass to manage each and every security incident."

It also can be plugged in between a company's e-mail server and any Software-as-a-Service e-mail security application, giving companies the ability to take advantage of the open platform for DLP and the flexibility of cloud-based security for their e-mail systems.

Hamilton said Symantec DLP Version 10 will be available in December and pricing starts at about $25,000.