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Reusing Online Banking IDs Common, Risky

Social networking sites are a goldmine for hackers looking to score users' personal information. The fact that the majority of people using online banking sites reuse the same password for Facebook and other sites came as surprise to some security experts. eSecurity Planet takes a closer look at Internet users' sloppy habits and the risks associated with reusing passwords and usernames.

The usernames and passwords that are used by individuals for financial Web sites are among the most valuable pieces of information that Internet users possess. Yet according to a new study from security firm Trusteer, they're also not treated by users with the confidentiality and respect they deserve.

The company's twelve-month study surveyed over 4 million people and found that many customers of online banks or Web financial sites—73 percent—reuse their passwords on non-financial Web sites.

"It means they used their online banking password (e.g. Bank of America) at another Web site (e.g. Facebook)," Trusteer CTO Amit Klein told InternetNews.com.

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