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McAfee's Got the Skinny on Scareware

Scareware might not rank high in most consumer's minds when it comes to security threats, but McAfee is sounding an alarm about the phony antivirus programs.

Datamation details a McAfee Labs report that shows how cyber crooks are exploiting scareware to victimize as many as a million people every day.

Security software vendor McAfee this week launched its new Consumer Threat Alert program, a blog and e-mail subscription service dedicated to keeping consumers up to date on the latest malware and online scams circulating throughout cyberspace.

The program's initial advisory was a primer on scareware, also known as rogue software or fake antivirus software, which preys on users' naiveté and their instinctive response to what appears to be a legitimate security shortcoming with their PCs or mobile devices.

McAfee Labs claims that cyber crooks ripped off consumers to the tune of more than $300 million last year, using misleading pop-up and banner ads or free downloads and e-mail attachments laden with malware to swindle nervous Internet surfers out of $49.99 at a pop.

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