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Thousands of Kentucky Medical Records Lost

It may seem overly strict for companies to actually lock down the USB ports on their PCs, but this story will make it seem logical. More than 24,000 records from a Kentucky mental hospital went AWOL when a flash drive containing the records disappeared. These records held all kinds of patient data, probably not the kind they want floating around unsecured, liable to show up anywhere. Yet another lesson learned the hardware, as eSecurity Planet notes.

Officials at Our Lady Peace, a 278-bed psychiatric hospital in Louisville, Ky., are racing to notify more than 24,000 patients that a flash drive containing some of their most personal and important information has been missing for more than a month.

The wayward drive contained patient names, room numbers, dates of assessment, admission and discharge, as well as birth dates and insurance company names. The compromised data affects patients admitted to the hospital since 2002.

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