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Phishers Ambush Military Credit Unions

Phishers don't play favorites and their latest intended victims are the men and women in uniform.

As eSecurity Planet discovered, several clever phishing traps have popped up online in the past year with almost the exact same look and feel of a pair of popular credit unions primarily used by folks serving in the U.S. military.

Security software experts are warning customers of both USAA, an insurance and financial services firm, and the Navy Federal Credit Union to be especially vigilant before divulging their Social Security numbers, passwords, account numbers and other personally identifying information.

Symantec said this latest attack comes from Web sites hosted on servers in Taiwan and variants of this particular phishing URLs have been used to spoof other online brands as well.

U.S. Strategic Command officials are joining leading security software vendors in warning soldiers serving in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps to be on high alert for a new phishing scam that targeting customers at a pair of credit unions catering to servicemen and their families.

Gen. Kevin P. Chilton, the STRATCOM commander, is warning soldiers and their families that bogus Web sites imitating both USAA, a popular insurance and financial services firm catering to military families, and the Navy Federal Credit Union have successfully stolen the personal and banking data of an unknown number of customers.

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