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HP System to Help Air Force Fight Cyber Threats

The growing number of cybersecurity threats has business and industry scrambling to find solutions. It's often a cat-and-mouse game between security providers and the bad guys as each pushes to get a technological edge.

As eSecurityPlanet reports, the U.S. government is ramping up its effort to identify and respond to cybersecurity threats. This includes working with commercial vendors like HP on new systems designed to help it respond quicker and more effectively.

HP's won a U.S. Air Force contract for a Cyber Control System (CCS) designed to identify and respond to cyber threats. The relatively modest $9 million, 12-month government contract calls for HP (NYSE: HPQ) to implement the CCS for what the company said is a key part of the Air Force's cyber warfare strategy.

The CCS command and control infrastructure is designed to help Air Force officials make real-time responses and formulate strategies when faced with network intrusions or attacks.

The news comes at a time of heightened awareness of cyber threats following Google's revelation earlier this year that its computer infrastructure, along with those of more than two dozen other companies, was targeted by hackers.

VeriSign (NASDAQ: VRSN) said its investigation led it to believe the attack was the work of hackers associated with or working on behalf of the People's Republic of China.

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