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Internet Security Tops ICANN's Agenda

Consumers, business people, scientists, students – the Internet is playing an increasingly important role in much of our lives and with that rise our dependence on its being available and secure also grows.

But the bad guys are out there. Every day, core Internet systems are attacked by those looking for financial gain or simply to do damage. eSecurityPlanet reports on the role the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) wants to play in keeping the Internet safe. At a key meeting this week, ICANN officials discussed the impact of new, security-related technologies and the challenges ahead, including the potential danger posed by new high-speed networks.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers -- or ICANN, as it's better known -- is responsible for managing the Internet's domain name system. While much of its focus has been on new top-level domains, ICANN these days is busily ramping up the technology and its pitch for making the Internet more secure for its users.

At the group’s meeting this week in Brussels, Belgium, ICANN CEO Rob Beckstrom delivered a keynote address in which he stressed the critical role that ICANN plays in Internet security, in particular with DNSSEC. ICANN's DNSSEC message comes on the heels of the first key-Signing-Key (KSK) ceremony for DNSSEC last week.

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