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Security Researcher Shows Linux Vulnerabilities

The Linux operating system is known for its security features. But that doesn't mean the open source software is completely secure.

As eSecurity Planet reports, Linux is not immune from the fault that plagues virtually all systems, namely that they aren't perfect. At the LinuxCon conference, a security expert showed exploits he developed that showed several areas where Linux is vulnerable. The good news? He also detailed steps administrators and users can take to protect their systems and he also had suggestions on what developers can do to make Linux more secure.

BOSTON -- There is a widely held belief that Linux is a completely secure operating system. But to Brad Spengler of the grsecurity project, the belief is far from accurate. And he has the kernel exploits to prove it.

Speaking at the Linux security summit during the Linux Foundation's LinuxCon conference here this week, Spengler described how his efforts have resulted in Linux becoming more hardened for security, even though his approach -- developing Linux kernel exploits -- may be viewed with suspicion by some.

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