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Enterprises Falling Prey to 'Security Theater'

Securing the enterprise against internal and external threats is no easy task, and it's a job made far more difficult thanks to human error. To Roger Johnston, a vulnerability assessment expert at the U.S. government's Argonne National Laboratory, that error is rooted in an unimaginative, compliance-driven outlook on security, and a failure to put common sense to work in combating hackers and locking down vulnerabilities.

But all isn't lost: Johnston offered plenty of prescriptive advice to the audience at today's USENIX security conference in Washington, D.C., and eSecurity Planet takes a look.

WASHINGTON -- In the fast-moving field of cybersecurity, where technologies evolve rapidly and hackers are constantly digging up new attack vectors, the missing ingredient all too often is common sense.

That was the emphatic message that Roger Johnston, a member of the vulnerability assessment team at the Argonne National Laboratory, imparted to his audience in a keynote address here at the USENIX security conference.

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Good Cybersecurity Requires Common Sense