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Microsoft Issues 'Fix It' for DLL Flaw

Microsoft has moved to address a vulnerability that potentially put hundreds of Windows applications at risk.

The software giant's solution is a "Fix It" button, which provides automated tools for adjusting settings or fixing problems. In this case, Microsoft is addressing a vulnerability that could enable hackers to target Windows applications using dynamic link libraries (DLL), though the company attributes the threat to sloppy programming. eSecurity Planet takes a look.

After revealing that hundreds of Windows applications may be at risk of attack from malicious hackers using rogue dynamic link libraries (DLL), Microsoft has released a "Fix It" solution meant to ameliorate the problem.

Fix Its are automated tools from Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) that tweak settings or repair problems -- sometimes security flaws -- that users encounter. Microsoft debuted the Fix It Button technology last year, enabling users to choose to automatically install a bug fix by clicking on a button instead of manually installing it themselves.

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Microsoft Releases 'Fix It' for DLL Hole