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Defense, Homeland Security Team in Cyber Push

Federal cybersecurity efforts have long been marked by bureaucratic infighting, poor communication and turf wars among the various agencies, current and former government officials often note.

That's why administration officials all the way up to the president stress that harmonizing often disparate federal efforts and sharing information are key tenets to reforming the government's cybersecurity activities.

In that spirit, the departments of Defense and Homeland Security have jointly announced a new partnership to pool resources and loan out cybersecurity experts to one another. eSecurity Planet has the story.

U.S. government military and civilian authorities have taken a significant step toward streamlining the federal response to the mounting cyber threats menacing the nation's digital systems, announcing a formal partnership to pool resources between the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

In a joint memorandum (available here in PDF format) to take immediate effect, the two departments on Wednesday outlined a new framework that will provide for an exchange of cybersecurity experts and the sharing of equipment and facilities, while retaining each agency's distinctive civilian and military missions.

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