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Afilias Driving DNSSEC Across TLD Zones

Afilias, the Internet company that operates the .org domain, is ramping up its bid to secure critical Internet infrastructure at a fundamental level. The firm is accelerating an initiative dubbed Project Safeguard, which aims to spread DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) across its portfolio of top-level domains, or TLDs.

To date, Afilias has deployed DNSSEC across 12 of its TLDs, and expects other domain operators to implement the technology across their Internet properties over the next two years. eSecurity Planet has the story.

In a bid to shore up its portion of the Internet's architecture, domain operator Afilias is ramping up its efforts to deploy DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) across the top-level domains (TLDs) it supports.

DNSSEC is a technology solution that is intended to help secure and guarantee the authenticity of DNS information, ensuring that the Internet continues to run smoothly.

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