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Targeted Malware, Spam Will Surge in '11

Malicious websites and applications will increasingly target mobile users in 2011 as devices like smartphones and tablet PCs make up an ever larger part of the enterprise computing mix.

As eSecurity Planet reports, security software vendor Symantec expects targeted attacks to increase dramatically as hackers refine their ability to cull data from social networking and public-facing websites to develop campaigns that have a higher likelihood of trapping their prey.

Trojans, viruses and worms like Stuxnet will also find their way into more critical infrastructure systems as malware authors seek out more high-value targets for their wares.

And while the overall volume of spam retreated significantly in the second half of 2010, Symantec is predicting a marked increase in language-targeted spam, particularly in Europe and Asia. In 2010, roughly 95 percent of all spam was in English but that figure is expected to slip to around 90 percent in 2011 while Portuguese and Spanish spam will increase significantly.

Malware campaigns targeting mobile devices and critical infrastructure will become more prevalent in 2011, forcing consumers and enterprises to step up their vigilance to keep pace with these ever-evolving security threats.

According to security software vendor Symantec (NASDAQ: SYMC), 2011 will usher in a new era of specialized malware threats directed less at PCs and servers and more at specific people, organizations, devices and computer systems.

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