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Google Chrome Update Fixes Bugs, Offers 3D

With this week's release of Chrome 9, Google has offered the first significant update of its browser this year.

Chrome 9, which has been in beta since the beginning of the year, offers several new features, as well as a security update that addresses nine vulnerabilities, two of which Google said were of high impact.

One of the issues concerns a critical race condition involved in the way that Chrome handles audio, a bug the search giant credits users of the social bookmarking site Reddit for discovering.

Additionally, Google is offering the WebGL feature in Chrome 9, which aims to capitalize on graphics hardware common to many PCs to deliver 3D graphics for new Web applications.

eSecurity Planet has the details on the security issues addressed in Chrome 9, and takes a look at the new features Google is including in its browser.

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Google Chrome 9 Released, Accelerating 3D and Fixing Bugs