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Block DNS Changer with OpenDNS

With the DNS Changer malware set to potentially shut off Internet access to hundreds of thousands of Internet users on Tuesday July 9th, DNS once again is a hot topic. While DNS can be hosted locally or delivered via an ISP, it can also be provided by a third party service like OpenDNS.

While DNS has been identified as a risk with DNS Changer, control via OpenDNS can actually provide security protection beyond just validated DNS access.

OpenDNS CEO and Founder David Ulevitch explained to Enterprise Networking Planet that his company's DNS infrastructure provides a distributed security network. In addition to providing DNS lookup services, the commercial OpenDNS service can also be used to protect users from objectionable content as well as some malware risks.

Until this week, the OpenDNS service however did not fully integrate with onsite enterprise identity and access, especially Microsoft's ActiveDirectory. That is now changing with the OpenDNS Enterprise Insights solution.

"We have seen good success over the last few years, but what has been limiting is that we don't integrate with ActiveDirectory," Ulevitch said. "Enterprise Insights now bridges the gap, so we can attach identity and provide more granular depth of reporting."

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