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Crowdstrike Takes on Malware with Falcon Platform

This week, Crowdstrike launched its Falcon active defense platform. Kurtz explained to eSecurity Planet that Falcon is a cloud-based platform that fuses real-time detection of targeted attacks with actionable security intelligence.

"We want to be able to identify and attribute targeted attacks in real-time," Kurtz said. "Legacy technologies just aren't capable of dealing with targeted attacks."

While Falcon runs in the cloud, end-users get their data to Crowdstrike by way of small sensors that run on Windows and Mac platforms.

The real key for Crowdstrike isn't just the attack identification, but rather it's about identification of who is behind the attack.

"The system doesn't rely on signatures, it relies on what I would call 'adversary trade craft'," Crowdstrike CEO George Kurtz said. "There are only a few moves the bad buys can make."

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