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Microsoft is Optimistic about Security #rsac

Scott Charney MicrosoftEven though the IT security landscape is not lacking challenges, Microsoft's Scott Charney, Corporate VP, Trustworthy Computing, believes that there is reason for optimism.

"My optimism is not delusional," Charney said. "It is based in fact."

Charney delivered a keynote at the RSA 2013 security conference this morning about why he is optimistic about IT security.

"In the last year the world has changed from a client server view of the world to a more complicated model due to the cloud," Charney said. "The world is now also increasingly looking at regulations, compliance and certifications."

Though the world is changing, Charney sees the need for stability at the core in the form of a trusted software stack. It also relies on trust in hardware as well. In particular, Charney highlighted the UEFI Secure Boot approach that Microsoft has adopted for Windows 8 as being a big advance. With Secure Boot, only trusted and secure code can boot from a physical piece of hardware.

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