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Mozilla Firefox Open Source Browser Security Moving Forward

firefoxMozilla has made significant strides in recent years to secure the browser and has a roadmap to make the browser even safer in the future.

"A lot of the security work from us is not a silver bullet solution," Johnathan Nightingale, VP of Firefox Engineering at Mozilla told eSecurity Planet. "It's really about careful consideration of where people are experiencing security problems online, where are the perils and what can we do to anticipate and disarm those risks."

One of the most common software vulnerabilities found across all modern browsers is use-after-free code vulnerabilities. With a use-after-free vulnerability an attacker can potentially leverage allocated memory to launch an attack.

"It's realistic to say that as long as people are writing C and C++ code, there will memory safety issues," Nightingale said. "Mozilla has some pretty robust defenses to catch a lot of it early, but memory management is one of those hard things in computer science."

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