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RSA: IT Risk Can Be Managed

RSA Security kicked off its namesake security conference Tuesday with a keynote presentation outlining how the world has changed in the last 12 months. For RSA, it's a world in which they suffered a serious security breach that left the company exposed.

In his opening keynote, RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello made the point that risk is a reality of the modern world -- and not just in the IT sphere.

"We can’t guarantee risk-free travel on the highways, or in the air, or even, apparently on a cruise ship off the coast of Italy, any more than we can guarantee risk-free IT infrastructures operating our digital world," Coviello said in his keynote.

That said, Coviello noted that risk can be reduced and that professionals can make prudent decisions to help manage that risk effectively. Though the Internet has risk, Coviello stated that the IT security industry has made the Internet safe enough to transform the world. But that safety itself is increasing coming under fire.

"Trust in our digital world is in jeopardy," Coviello said. "Our adversaries are better coordinated, have developed better intelligence, and easily outflank our traditional perimeter defenses."

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