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The End of Windows XP Security Updates - A Golden Opportunity for Linux?

After 12 years, Microsoft is no longer going to be providing security updates for Windows XP, which has plenty of people concerned. The death of XP, however, could be a golden opportunity for Linux—or it could just be yet another missed opportunity for the Linux desktop.

Windows XP, given its age, is running on older hardware that in many cases is still operational but simply lacking in the power to be upgraded to Microsoft's Windows 7 or 8 operating systems. In some cases, those old XP machines are running in very cost-constrained environments where there is simply no additional funds for a hardware refresh, let alone a full operating system refresh.

Linux is a potential solution. For older, resource-constrained hardware, there is no shortage of options in the Linux desktop world. Unlike Microsoft's monolithic Windows operating system, there are multiple flavors of Linux distributions and Linux desktops to suit nearly any need or user preference. As opposed to most Windows upgrades, Linux can be freely obtained without cost, and it might just fit the bill for many Windows XP users.

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